Security for Accounting Firms

How to Comply With the IRS “Security Six” and Keep Client Data Safe

Ensuring data is secure isn’t just a bonus or an extra feature accounting firms can offer clients. Per the IRS—it’s the law.

CPA firms that don’t protect their clients’ data face fines, compensatory costs, and other financial hits.

But the biggest threat they face is a loss of their reputation for being trustworthy and reliable—and, as a result, the loss of both existing and potential clients. One security slip can literally destroy a firm.

This eBook goes into detail about how firms can not only stay in compliance with IRS regulations but also take specific steps to ensure the security and privacy of client data. In this eBook, we will:

  • Dive into details about the IRS “Security Six”
  • Find out what the IRS states CPA firms must do to stay in compliance
  • Uncover what cloud technology has in common with the “Security Six”




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