Just how hard was the 2020 tax season for accountants? Check out the results of our survey.

It wasn’t a great year, was it? Our 2020 survey of accountants asked the usual questions about tax season—and a lot of other questions, mostly about remote work, lockdown, PPP loans and other remnants of a year of COVID. So, how did tax season go for CPAs? Find out.

Accounting firm tax season 2020 survey: More work, less staff, new worries.

Remember January? The tax deadline for individual filers was still April 15. Offices everywhere were open. There was no such thing as a PPP loan.

Everybody knows what happened a couple of months later: COVID-19 changed everything. Accounting firms changed, too.

So, after an extended tax season finally ended, we asked people at accounting firms what they did to make it through tax season in 2020. A few trends stood out. In general, survey respondents:

  • Worked more–a lot more–than last year
  • Didn't hire temporary staff to get through tax season
  • Went from worrying about the same old issues to focusing on navigating the Paycheck Protection Program and reassuring struggling clients
  • Relied on the cloud to get things done

In the spring of 2019, Right Networks conducted a post-tax season survey. We asked some of the same questions from that survey this year, but we also added a series of questions about the pandemic and the disruptions it caused. Download this PDF to see how accountants responded to 15 burning questions about tax season 2020.

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