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Did you know that the cloud makes it possible to grow 20% YoY?

At Siegel Solutions, a small business located outside of Boston, that’s exactly what happened.

For three consecutive years (and counting) owner Jeff Siegel has been able to:

  • Take on customers located outside of the greater Boston area

  • Reduce operational and technology expenses

  • Make collaborating with customers even easier

How’d they do it? The cloud.

In part four of our cloud series, The Cloud: What, Why, and How?, Kevin Roosa, Sr. Director of Sales, will talk about how businesses can emulate Siegel Solutions’ success.

Attendees of The Cloud: Business Outcomes can expect to learn:

  • How to use the cloud to work efficiently with customers
  • Why your customers will prefer working via cloud
  • How cloud technology reduces IT expenses


Kevin Roosa, Sr. Director of Sales, Right Networks









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