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You can have the best idea in the world. A great work ethic. A brilliant mind. But in the end, it’s all about cash. The most successful business owners — the ones who survive and thrive through good times and bad — are the ones who know how to manage their cash effectively. These are the people that understand all the tactics, strategies, and methods for creating more money through better cash flow practices.

Gene Marks, CPA and journalist, along with a panel of experienced business owners discuss the latest trends, technologies, best practices, and strategies that they're implementing to manage their cash flow and build reserves to see them through to future growth. Some of the issues discussed:

• The best marketing tools and ideas for bringing in new customers.

• Financial moves for managing both payments to and from suppliers and customers.

• Technologies to reduce the costs of online sales.

• Cloud based apps and services that will help better manage cash flow.

• Remote working tools and practices for keeping remote employees productive and engaged.

Gene Marks, CPA, President, The Marks Group


Katherine Harvey, CEO & Co-founder, Bare Bones

Mustafa Rashed, President & CEO, Bellevue Strategies

Karla Trotman, CEO, Electro-Soft, Inc.


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