The COVID-19 pandemic is ending. Those small businesses that have endured are about to thrive. Here’s how.

With vaccines rolling out and states reopening, there’s a light at the end of the long, tragic tunnel of COVID-19. The economy is reopening. Small businesses are poised to grow. They need to plan and invest wisely. Here’s how they can do it.

8 Steps to CAAS practice transformation

The worst is over. As vaccines roll out and life slowly returns to something like normal, the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end. For those small businesses that have persevered and are still around, the stage is set for explosive growth. But in order to manage that growth, businesses need to know how to invest wisely, how to restaff and how to navigate a world that still won’t look exactly the way it did in February 2020.  

Last year, Gene Marks, CPA and noted small-business expert, wrote a Small Business Pandemic Playbook that helped SMBs make it through COVID shutdowns. Now, he offers a post-pandemic playbook with six key tips for small businesses that are ready to grow rapidly as the economy recovers.  

In this eBook, get six critical tips on how businesses can prosper as the pandemic fades. Discover:  

  • How quickly the economy recovery will happen (very)
  • How businesses can restaff as hiring opens up once again
  • When and how to invest as the economy recovers
  • What kinds of technology businesses will need to ensure rapid growth

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