Tax season will start later in 2021 than it usually does. That’s bad news for accountants. Here’s how some noted CPAs are preparing.

With tax season starting almost two weeks later than usual but still ending on April 15, accounting firms are about to be in a crunch. Here’s how CPAs around the country are getting ready for the rush.

Preparing for the 2021 busy season: What smart partners and managers are doing right now.

Blame COVID—again. Tax season usually begins at the end of January, but not this year. The IRS has moved the start date out to Feb. 12—but the deadline to file is still April 15. That means that the busiest time of the year for accountants is about to get even busier.

With a compressed tax season ahead of accounting firms, many partners and managers have already begun their preparations for what looks like a very, very busy time. So what are they doing?

In this eBook from Gene Marks, CPA and noted expert on small business, top CPAs delve into how they are preparing for another exceptional tax season after the tumult of 2020.

In this eBook, learn from accountants how CPAs can handle five key elements of tax season 2021, including:

  • Planning for an unusual tax season
  • Communicating with clients about new deadlines and policies
  • Training full-time and seasonal employees
  • Balancing work and home life in the shortest tax season ever

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