How accounting firms can find and keep great employees as US employment rebounds

A new president and a COVID vaccine are about to put staffing right back at the top of accounting firms’ list of priorities. Here’s how firms can recruit and retain employees in the coming post-COVID Biden era.

How accounting firms can find and keep great employees as US employment rebounds

A new era is dawning in the United States in general and for accounting firms in particular. While it might still be on the horizon for now, it will arrive and CPA firms need to be prepared.

The economy will ultimately fully recover and in fact, depending on how quickly it recovers, we’ll be grateful to be back to the same employment issues—primarily recruiting and keeping employees— that we faced before 2020.

Smart business owners are already preparing for this. They’re putting aside capital to invest not just in technologies and equipment but most importantly in people. Because they know that—as cliché as it sounds—people truly are their greatest asset.

In the comprehensive eBook from renowned business expert, author and CPA Gene Marks, learn what firms should expect from employment and staffing in the Biden era and as the US recovers from COVID-19.

In this eBook, discover:

  • How to find the right employees in 2021 as accounting firms staff up again
  • How new government policies will affect how firms offer benefits, including retirement, healthcare and student loan repayment
  • How current and prospective accounting firm employees might behave in a Biden administration compared to the Trump era

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