How to Succeed in 2022

The Small-Business Owner's Playbook

As they approach 2022, businesses and firms face a set of challenges both familiar and unfamiliar. Hiring and retaining talent, always a challenge, is much more difficult than it has been in the recent past. But rising prices have also begun to hit businesses hard, adding a layer of complexity for owners.

This eBook, written by noted small-business expert Gene Marks, provides a playbook for 2022 for firms and small businesses. In it, Gene outlines the challenges four small-business owners—of various stages of growth—are facing right now, and their plans for overcoming them in 2022.

Download this eBook to discover how four small-business owners are:

  • Finding and retaining talent in a super-tight market
  • Dealing with inflation and the rising cost of procuring supplies
  • Investing in technology to help regulate budgets (and lower operational expenses long-term)

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