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Cybersecurity has been a major issue for small businesses for as long as the internet has existed. Now, it’s a bigger problem than it has ever been, and small businesses aren’t prepared to deal with it.

A data breach can wreck a small business, costing money to rectify and damaging the business’s relationships with clients. Most small business owners don’t actually realize how vulnerable they are, and even if they do, many are using woefully inadequate measures to try to handle security. Those that do take security seriously often do so with a lot of hassle and at great expense.

Fortunately, running applications in the cloud can help small businesses manage security by either eliminating threats altogether or diminishing the impact of an attack. The cloud is the safest and most cost-efficient way to keep a small business secure.


In this eBook, learn how the cloud helps businesses protect themselves from cybercriminals by:

  • Guarding against phishing attacks
  • Minimizing the damage done by malware
  • Sniffing out internal threats before they can strike




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