2022 Tax Season

6 tips for helping clients navigate the IRS backlog

The backlog of unprocessed tax forms at the IRS is both historic and severe. That means your clients are waiting for refunds and getting unexpected, and very much unwanted, notices. And when they do, they’re calling you and looking for answers.  
What’s worse is that clients who don’t understand how backlogged the IRS is are likely to blame your firm for processing delays. You know you’re not at fault, but clients don’t. They just want resolution.  
As an accounting professional, you need to know how to keep clients calm and satisfied while also collecting fees they might be reluctant to pay. This eBook explains how to do it. Learn: 


  • Just how severe the IRS backlog is and why it won’t get better anytime soon
  • Why clients are panicking about IRS delays and how you should respond
  • How to make a human connection during this difficult time—and collect fees for doing it




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