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Identity theft is the crime of this century, affecting every business, workplace and consumer in some way, directly or indirectly. It has a thousand different faces – family and friends, mail thieves and burglars, lone wolves and professional teams, street gangs and organized crime, hacker collectives and state sponsored actors – not to mention the more than 50 million victims it’s already claimed in the U.S. just in the last few years.

And after two decades of fighting this crime, the crime appears to be winning with more than 1 million new victims every 30 days. And a big part of the winning strategy is the collusion of identity theft with cybercrime. Identity theft and cybercrime are two sides of the same coin, equal partners in the same crime spree, and it’s hard to fight one without understanding its connections to the other.

This book lays out those connections and provides every consumer and small business owner with one of most detailed and easy-to-read insights into these crimes and the people behind them.

Think Security First! condenses more than 30 years of security experience into more than 30 chapters of straight-talking, no-nonsense advice from one of the world’s most experienced consumer security experts.

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