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Safeguarding your business from 2022’s cyberthreats: Strategies and technologies to protect your business

Did you know that the cybercrime economy is currently valued at $1.5 trillion? In 2022, the workforce is more virtual than ever—is your business prepared to protect against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities? 

Watch and learn from nationally recognized journalist, best-selling author and business owner Gene Marks, CPA as he shares advice, lessons and actions to position your company for security, including: 

  • How cybersecurity changed during the pandemic and why cyberattacks are increasing.
  • Identifying common security threats and vulnerabilities business owners are facing in 2022 in this new hybrid and virtual world.
  • How business owners can prevent unauthorized access and data breaches through training.
  • The latest security solution technologies to implement to protect your business against security threats.
  • The workspace collaboration tools that can help you manage all sensitive business data in one secure place.

Presenter: Gene Marks, CPA and President, The Marks Group P.C. 

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