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Cyber Attack Prevention: What Businesses Need to Do

No matter your title—it’s your job to help prevent a cyber attack. And by using the tools set up by your business, and keeping an eye out for unusual activity, you are doing exactly that. 

But if you’re asking yourself: “What tools?” or “What constitutes unusual activity?”—we’ve got the webinar for you. 

Sign up for our Cyber Attack Prevention: What Businesses Need to Do panel-style webinar to get a refresher course on staying safe and keeping critical data secured. Expect: 

  • The biggest security threats to watch out for  
  • What the law says about security responsibilities  
  • Proactive ways to protect from common security threats   


Gene Marks, CPA and President, The Marks Group P.C


Roman Kepczyk, Director of Firm Technology Strategy, Right Networks and Jim Bourke, Managing Director of Advisory Services, Withum Advisory 

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