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Getting to the heart of cloud strategies: Planning for success

Looking ahead in 2023, how prepared are you to meet the demands of your growing firm? Managing your own IT means you’re responsible for everything from procuring and implementing hardware and software updates to establishing disaster recovery plans and managing data backups. It’s risky managing your IT while trying to meet client service expectations at the same time—not to mention unsustainable for the long term.

Join Roman Kepczyk, Right Networks’ Director of Firm Technology, and Derek Distin, Right Networks’ Senior Director of Client Success and Tech Support, as they talk about what best-in-class accounting firms are doing to manage future growth using the cloud. In addition to discussing how to create a plan to transition to the cloud, they’ll review:

  • The real vs. perceived benefits of outsourced managed IT over self-managed IT.
  • How the tech stack in a managed IT scenario supports a growing firm and its CAAS practice.
  • The difference between public vs. private cloud.
  • The top security and operational considerations to factor into a transition plan
  • Real and proven cloud migration implementation scenarios

Roman Kepczyk, Director of Firm Technology, Right Networks
Derek Distin, Senior Director of Client Success and Tech Support, Right Networks

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