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Quick scans of accounting industry news will tell you: The cloud is NOW.

With how pervasive the cloud is in our everyday lives, (most of us are reading this from a cloud-enabled app), why is it that many are still hesitant when deciding if the technology is a right fit for their firm?

We’ve taken this important question and broken every element of its answer down. Starting with real-life examples of the cloud in action and finished off with a diagram of exactly what moving over to the cloud entails, this guide has everything the cloud-curious would want to know prior to making a final decision.

The WHAT, WHY, and HOW of the Cloud answers:

  • What is the cloud exactly?
  • Why should a firm run their software and apps in the cloud?
  • How easy is it to move over to the cloud for a small firm? Is it the same process for a large firm?

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